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A Durable Stainless Steel Grill Gives Aficionados More Time to Do What They Love

In this weeks blog we explore the difference and uniqueness cast aluminum and stainless steel grills have to offer.

Grills And Patio Heaters Are Perfect 'Trims' for Community Space

Looking for the right upgrades to add to your property to attract residents? Heaterzinc. has you covered with the most reliable and high quality grills and heaters any potential renter would be delighted to use.

How To Decide Between Built-in Grills vs Portable Grills

Deciding between going portable or choosing a fixed built-in patio grill can be tough, we got you covered.

Electric Heating Options for Residential and Commercial Spaces

Heaterz inc. offers the perfect selection of infrared electric patio heaters for your home or commercial patio space.

Getting Ready for Summer: Prepping the Patio and Grill

Getting your grill ready for summer is an easy task with this helpful guide to keeping your patio grill maintained and cleaned properly.

Liquid Propane: A Versatile Fuel for Grills and Heaters

Liquid propane grills and heaters are favored by many. Heaterz Inc. has several options to choose from.