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Grills And Patio Heaters Are Perfect 'Trims' for Community Space

As an entrepreneurial-minded multi-family property owner, you likely understand there’s a strong connection between the rent you can charge and the quality amenities you offer. Things like grills for apartments and a propane heater in a common area during cool weather make a quantifiable difference. Oddly, not every apartment owner or property management company places enough emphasis on these and other value-added benefits. But if you stop and think about adding a patio grill and propane heater to community spaces along the lines of automobile extras, the value is obvious.

Consider the Toyota Camry, which ranks among the most sold vehicles in recent years. The Toyota Camry LE base model reportedly starts at $26,220 MSRP. But a fully loaded Camry can top out around $36,370. That’s nearly a $7,000 difference based on what the car industry calls “trims.”

When commercial property owners add “trims” such as a patio grills and heaters to make outdoor gathering areas more comfortable, living spaces naturally become more valuable. But unlike automobile manufacturers that make a percentage on parts and labor, apartment owners and property management outfits can roll the investment into rents and HOA fees.

Why Residents Prefer Outdoor Heaters and Grills for Apartments

Providing an updated patio grill area with outdoor heaters allows residents to enjoy the communal space all year. This typically entails grilling family meals, mingling with neighbors, or hosting a celebration. This is the type of experience renters relish from a fully loaded multi-family community over one with just standard items.

In many respects, it’s a lot like owning a home and having a backyard BBQ. The difference from a tenant's perspective is enhanced quality of life without having to mow the lawn, make repairs, clear walkways, or clean out gutters.

The same holds true when commercial property owners invest in an outdoor heating system. State-of-the-art outdoor patio heaters warm objects in their throw radius and are not necessarily affected by cool breezes. That means residents can enjoy their outdoor BBQ experience well into the evening and during cold weather months.

Adding a quality patio grill and propane heater is like getting a Camry with voice-controlled Bluetooth instead of an AM/FM radio with knobs. Everyday people understand that you get what you pay for. Multi-family property owners can maximize their rental and real estate values by turning standard facilities into full-loaded ones.

Top Outdoor Heaters and Grills for Apartments

Upgrading common areas generally tasks decision-makers with conducting product due diligence. Given how busy property owners and management firms are, it’s not surprising that this profit-generating investment ends up on the back burner. The good news is that Heaterz Inc serves as a convenient one-stop-shop resource. Offering top-tier grills for apartments and patio heaters, Heaterz provides free outdoor grill and heater consultations to ensure you get the best-suited, budget-friendly products to upgrade your space. After determining the number of residents, square footage, and infrastructure, a Heaterz customer care professional can explain how the following models serve your interests.

Top Natural Gas and Propane Heater Units

A customer service provider will usually ask a few baseline questions to better understand your goals, space considerations, power sources, and budget. This information is used to select the appropriate type of natural gas, electric, or propane heater. These rank among the industry-leading infrared patio heaters.

  • Infratech: This wall- or ceiling-mounted infrared box heater is powered by electricity. Infratech heaters use a designated line which can be operated by a conveniently positioned control panel. By integrating a shutoff time, property owners need not worry about wasted energy.
  • Sunpak: This overhead or wall-mounted box heater can be fueled by natural gas or liquid propane. Sunpak heaters are available in finishes that include stainless steel or black and can be managed by remote control.
  • Sunglo: This classic mushroom head patio heater line can be repositioned to accommodate a variety of seating arrangements and social occasions. Available in black or stainless steel, a Sunpak model can also be secured in place and fueled by natural gas. The Sunglo line is a top choice among apartment complex owners because it delivers a classic look, wide radiant heat throw radius, and flexibility.
  • Patio Comfort: The Patio Comfort line of portable or permanent post-mounted mushroom heaters, a Patio Comfort model can be fueled by natural gas or liquid propane. It’s available in stainless steel, bronze, jet-silver, and vintage designs.
  • Kindle: The Kindle line is an aesthetically pleasing lampshade heater designed to be moved as needed. They look very much like classic lamps with shades and help make a décor statement along with their warming comfort.
  • Sunstar: It’s important to install a box heater that can handle inclement weather. The Sunstar operates on liquid propane or natural gas and is designed to endure unusually high winds and spiking temperatures.

Along with helping you decide on an effective patio heater, a team of excellent customer care professionals can assist you when selecting the right grills for apartments.

Industry Leading Patio Grills

In terms of durable and high-quality grills for apartments, PGS Grills are the preferred choice. The Legacy grill line and hard-cast aluminum options outlast others in their class while providing consistent heat distribution. Commercial property owners can also accessorize PGS grills to make them “fully loaded” outdoor BBQs. These are things to consider when deciding between Legacy Grills and PGS cast aluminum grill models.

  • Legacy Grills: The benefits of Legacy Grills may be best realized when they are used as the centerpiece of an outdoor cooking area. With direct grilling areas ranging from 540 to 960 square inches, they deliver an expansive cooking space to handle gatherings. Powered by liquid propane or natural gas, Legacy Grills can also be cart-mounted or installed into a prefabricated grill island. They enjoy safety features such as 60-minute shutoff times, laser-etched user instructions, and can be accessorized. Popular accessories include side burners, beverage centers, and infrared rotisseries, among others.
  • Aluminum Series Grills: Cast aluminum grills are perfect for an intimate patio because they can be cart mounted or secured on slim pedestals. These robust and durable liquid propane or natural gas grill options have wide-reaching options. They can be installed in individual patios, across multiple community areas, and enjoy top-tier safety features such as matchless ignition.

Given the diversity of the PGS aluminum patio grills, property owners and managers would be well-served to contact a customer care professional and discuss the best opportunity.

Get A No-Cost Patio Grill and Outdoor Heater Consultation

If you have a multi-family property that would benefit from enhancements, these grills for apartments and infrared patio heaters can upgrade communal areas from standard to leisure class. At Heaterz, we offer a complete range of services, including onsite consultations, installations, and equipment leasing. If you are unsure which models best serve your needs, contact us today for more information or a free consultation.