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How To Decide Between Built-in Grills vs Portable Grills

Whether you're buying a new home, building a deck, or planning to upgrade an existing patio, the one thing homeowners are certain of is they are getting a grill. But after that gut decision, knowing whether to purchase a portable patio grill or a built-in model tends to be elusive.

That’s largely because the differences between portable propane grills and fixed-in-place outdoor BBQs can be unclear. Let’s tap the brakes for a moment and lay out the pros, cons, products, and space considerations that factor into your choice to get a built-in or portable patio grill. After comparing the options, you will be better prepared to make an informed decision.

What Type of Fuel Do You Plan to Use?

Weighing your fuel options is pretty straightforward. You’ll either go with liquid propane tanks housed in the base of the outdoor grill, or tap into an existing fuel line.

Portable patio grills use a liquid propane tank. By contrast, built-in grills are always fixed in place. This ensures the lines cannot be severed. That’s why a natural gas grill is always built in place. Homes that are powered by large propane tanks can also have a designated line run to the outdoor kitchen setting. PGS offers grills that run on liquid propane and grills that run on natural gas.

How Much Space Do You Have for a Patio Grill?

The amount of square footage a family has to gather and prepare delicious meals on the natural gas or propane grill has a significant impact on the decision-making process. If you have an expansive outdoor living space, there’s probably ample room to build countertops and employ a stainless steel patio grill as the centerpiece of a complete outdoor kitchen.

But when space is at a premium, a smart patio design includes ways to reduce the footprint of such amenities. For example, a fixed-in-place natural gas patio grill could be mounted on a pedestal stand to save space. But it’s more common for homeowners to opt for a portable patio grill they can reposition as needed. A portable propane grill can also be stored in another area and rolled into place when working families hold weekend cookouts, birthday parties, or invite guests.

As a general rule, ample space provides an opportunity to invest in a full outdoor kitchen with a built-in gas grill. Limited square footage typically makes sense for a pedestal mounting or a portable patio grill.

Pros of Selecting a Portable Patio Grill

The core benefit of opting for a high-quality portable propane grill is flexibility. Regardless of how much patio or backyard deck space you have, propane grills can be positioned to accommodate almost any gathering or everyday meal. These are reasons why a portable patio grill may be the best choice for you.

  • Cost Effective: There are no installation costs associated with a portable propane grill. Property owners simply place the model in a logical place, turn the fuel knob, and press the matchless ignition.
  • Easy to Refill: The liquid propane tanks that are usually stored in the base of the cart can be easily refilled by local vendors or swapped for full tanks at area retail outlets.
  • Diverse Usage: Working families with multiple places to congregate on their grounds have an opportunity to move propane grills as needed. The grill can be positioned near a pool, gazebo, or on the open lawn to make food preparation convenient for large get-togethers.

It’s also important to note that PGS propane grills generate high BTUs and enjoy durable construction that lasts.

Pros of Selecting a Built-in Grill

A built-in grill can be the foundational piece of a luxurious outdoor kitchen that changes your quality of life experience. A natural gas patio grill is connected to a designated fuel line and secured to a countertop or BBQ island. These are reasons why people opt for built-in grills.

  • Return on Investment: Although a built-in grill involves additional upfront costs, the completed installation usually increases real estate values.
  • Amenities: When used as the centerpiece of an outdoor kitchen, homeowners have an opportunity to add convenient drawers, storage space, side burners, and beverage centers.
  • Convenience: Because a built-in natural gas patio grill runs off a designated line, homeowners never need to refill tanks. Just press the no-flame ignition and start grilling.

Rather than become a moving part of your outdoor living experience, a built-in grill changes the comfortable dynamic

What are the Leading Built-in and Portable Grill Products

The PGS Grill line delivers the construction durability, weather resistance, and consistent heat distribution necessary for BBQ excellence. Backyard grilling aficionados gravitate toward this industry-leading line because of its reliability, attractive designs, warranties, and parts replacement program. These are built-in and portable propane grill options worth considering.

PGS A-Series Grills

The A-Series is a space-efficient line with grills that can be used as a portable propane grill or fixed in place on a pedestal mount. This PGS grill series can leverage liquid propane grills and natural gas grills. Generating between 30,000 and 40,000 BTUs, depending on the model, A-Series patio grills offer 330 to 434 square inches of direct grill area. Made from heavy-duty cast aluminum they also have warming racks for timing purposes or indirect cooking.

Legacy Built-In Grills

The PGS Legacy grill line is typically used for built-in installations. Offering a sweeping direct grilling area that runs from 540 square inches to upwards of 960 square inches, Legacy grills can accommodate large gatherings with ease. Generating 45,000 to 102,000 BTUs, they also provide warning racks and an iconic stainless steel ambiance. Like every PGS Grill, owners enjoy a comprehensive warranty, parts replacement program, and satisfaction knowing it’s the last grill you’ll ever need to buy. Used as a built-in grill, homeowners have an opportunity to include side burners and other accessories to create an outdoor kitchen that meets your family’s needs.

Top Patio Grill Accessories to Consider

One of the critical benefits of going with a particular outdoor BBQ grill line involves those little extras. The PGS A-Series and Legacy grills can be ordered with top-tier accessories and upgrades such as the following.

  • BBQ Islands: The prefabricated Gensun outdoor grill island can be easily assembled in one afternoon. It helps homeowners minimize the cost of a built-in grill installation. This BBQ island also allows homeowners to place propane tanks in the base or connect it to an existing fuel resource.
  • Rotisseries: Delicious rotisserie chickens, thick cuts of beef, veggie kabobs, and whole pineapples can be prepared using an infrared rotisserie burner. This next-gen accessory can be integrated into Legacy models, and it expands the menu options of grilling enthusiasts.
  • Grill Covers: PGS offers specialized grill covers with enhanced durability and weather resistance. This accessory keeps your built-in or portable patio grill safe from extreme weather.

Other PGS accessories include emergency fuel stop devices, additional side shelves, infrared sear burners, and convenient seasoning and sauce holders, among others. The A-Series and Legacy grill lines also deliver the Made in USA guarantee people trust.

Get A No-Cost Patio Grill Consultation

At Heaterz, we offer a complete range of services including onsite consultations, installations, and equipment leasing. If you are unsure whether to select a portable patio grill or go with a built-in option, contact us today for more information or a grill installation consultation.