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A Durable Stainless Steel Grill Gives Aficionados More Time to Do What They Love

Although the average liquid propane grill has a life expectancy of 5 to 15 years, many Americans replace their poorly built model every three years. One of the driving reasons why these subpar products falter before expected is due to their seemingly relentless amount of necessary maintenance and upkeep. A cheaply constructed patio grill from overseas may promise it will deliver lasting enjoyment. But that’s only if you follow the extensive guidelines.

While it may be hard to find a high-quality liquid propane or natural gas grill at big box retail outlets, there are products on the market that actually make good on their promises. In fact, Heaterz Inc offers a line of stainless steel grill options that are low maintenance and yet durable. These Made in USA propane and natural gas grill lines are found under the PGS moniker. If you are interested in spending more time grilling and less time restoring or replacing a patio grill, we can match you to the last outdoor BBQ you’ll ever need to purchase.

Why Does A PGS Patio Grill Last Longer?

Renowned as an industry-leading patio grill line, PGS models come with the trusted Made in USA guarantee that only our community members can deliver. The outdoor grill line can be best understood in two durable designs — hard cast aluminum and stainless steel construction.

The cast aluminum patio grill line in very robust. Depending on the unit you select, they can be powered as a liquid propane or fixed-in-place natural gas grill. The housing is comprised of heavy-duty cast aluminum that easily stands up to rain, sleet, snow, scorching temperatures or deep freezes. That’s generally why the PGS patio grill lines can be pedestal mounted outside, requiring only a covering during the off-season. In terms of the grilling time gained by having a PGS cast aluminum model, consider the individual metrics.

  • PGS A30 Grill: These models can be cart- or pedestal-mounted and powered as a natural gas or liquid propane grill. They offer 330 square inches of direct cooking space, a 121-square-inch warming rack, and generate upwards of 30,000 BTUs. In terms of reducing cleaning and maintenance, the A30 patio grill has stainless steel cooking grids, a 430 stainless steel "H" burner, and a wipe-clean side shelf.
  • PGS A40 Grill: This model is considered a step up in grilling capacity. Offering 434 square inches of primary cooking surface and a 178-square-inch warming rack, it generates 40,000 BTUs of evenly distributed heat. The 430 stainless steel "H" burner and cooking grids come standard, and this upgrade comes with a pair of easy-to-clean side shelves.

It’s also important to keep in mind that these PGS outdoor grill lines come with 60-minute shutoff timers, matchless ignition, and are backed by complete parts availability and support. Grilling enthusiasts won’t need to go out and buy another grill because someone accidentally damaged their model.

Stainless Steel Legacy Grills Minimize Maintenance

The PGS Legacy stainless steel grill line enjoys superior construction. It also integrates advanced technologies to create components that effectively self clean. For example, the housing is designed from durable stainless steel that does not necessarily require hard scrubbing to remove a splatter. Inside the patio grill models, heavy-duty stainless steel grates are deployed. The grates essentially clean themselves when you flip them over. Below the direct grilling assets are ceramic Moon Roks and 304-grade stainless steel burners.

The consistent construction is only rivaled by the models’ capacity. Depending on your Legacy patio grill, you can enjoy 540 to 960 square inches of prime grilling space, 200 to 355 square inches of warming rack area, and 45,000 to 102,000 BTUs of even heat distribution. A Legacy outdoor grill also comes with a “no compromise warranty” on all major parts and components for as long as you own your backyard BBQ.

Complete Parts Availability and Support

It’s essential to remember that poorly built grills often offer a limited warranty that promises parts replacement and support. The underlying problem with these overseas products is getting the replacement part through the sometimes clogged supply chain. Another issue involves the quality of the replacement part itself. If you take a step back and think about the cost of the cheap unit versus how much time it could be sidelined, grilling aficionados would be well-served to buy locally through Heaterzinc.

All PGS parts and grills are made and manufactured in the United States. Anyone who owns a hammer, power tool, or other product from yesteryear understands the lasting durability behind the Made in USA label. Along with not having to sit idle as a part makes its way through the slow, frustrating supply line, PGS replacement parts are manufactured in local communities with pride.

We could wax poetic about the value of made in America products and parts. But let’s be candid here. You want to grill outdoors when the weather is nice and not sit inside for an hour longer than necessary. Selecting a PGS hard cast aluminum or stainless steel patio grill gives you the opportunity to BBQ choice cuts of beef, burgers, hot dogs, chicken, and veggie kabobs on your own terms.

Add Key Accessories to Your Grilling Experience

If you are serious about expanding your outdoor grill menu options, PGS has wonderful accessories. Items such as a side shelf or a seasoning basket are little conveniences that make grilling easier. And along with a wide variety of safety items, PGS also offers an infrared rotisserie burner. This game-changing accessory can be integrated into a Legacy model for the purpose of grilling pineapples, kabobs, thick cuts of beef and pork, or entire chickens. We all know how popular rotisserie chickens are at the supermarket. You could make your own while relaxing on your patio.

The thread that runs through all these perks and enjoyed experiences is that PGS Grills provide consistent use, lower maintenance, and parts replacements that make sense. The fact that they deliver superior grilling capacity and smartly utilize advanced technology is an added benefit.

Get A No-Cost Patio Grill Consultation

If you love grilling in your backyard and don’t want to miss a single day, these outdoor grills significantly reduce cleaning and maintenance. The PGS models we offer also guarantee Made in USA parts replacements that won’t leave your BBQ grill unnecessarily sidelined. At Heaterz, we provide a complete range of services, including onsite consultations, installations, and equipment leasing. If you are unsure which model best serves your needs, contact us today for more information or a free consultation.