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Heaterz Inc
Heaterz Inc

Authorized Service Provider

We repair patio heaters in Southern California, and provide factory authorized service for Sunglo, Sunpak, Patio Comfort, AEI, Infratech, Kindle Patio heaters and PGS gas grills. Our service technicians will make sure your patio heaters are safe and working correctly. Our service technicians have a combined 40 years’ experience and are knowledgeable, trained and always carry OEM parts. If you don’t want to pay for a service call, we can also repair your heater at our facility in Huntington Beach, CA.

On-site Consultation

We understand every project has a budget, and if you are not sure on what heater or how many to install, propane, natural gas or electric, we can dispatch a heater professional to your property to talk more about your project and go over different patio heating options, including custom controls. You can also send us an email, with pictures, drawings of your project or visit our heater showroom. We can also work with your plumber and electrician to make sure they know all gas and electrical requirements.

Refurbished Heaters

Sunglo and Patio Comfort Patio Heaters

Don’t want to wait 10-20 weeks for a patio heater?

Our refurbished patio heaters are all freshly painted, and powder coated. The main head assembly is thoroughly inspected to ensure efficient operation. Our refurbished heaters perform like new and come with the same warranty that comes with new heaters.

Residential- 1-year parts and labor

Commercial- 6 months parts and labor

Patio Heater Rental

Need outdoor heat for your event? We got you covered. Hosting events outdoors is easy enough during spring and summer, events outdoors in the late fall or even in winter can be a challenge. The cold can make your guests uncomfortable, especially if your event is held in the evening. The solution, rent a patio heater. Our patio heaters are available for nightly rental.

$150.00 a night- Heater-Includes 5-gallon propane tank- Estimated to last 8-10 hours

$250.00 delivery & pick up – Will Call available.

Patio Heater Leasing

Need long term heat for your restaurant, hotel, or resort? Leasing heaters will keep your budget predictable, and you don’t have to worry about finding parts and a repair company on your own. We take care of all that for you. The repairs and maintenance are included with the lease.